Animal Health Portfolio

Training tool for equine health care

Making training on equine vaccination accessible to various learner groups

Unique nematode treatment

Saving beef revenue from resistant roundworms

BRD treatment

Working together with cattle's immune systems

Unique SRD treatment

A new solution to swine respiratory disease

Colostrum management

Giving newborn calves the protection of antibodies

Mastitis protection for dry cows

Mastitis protection for dry cows

Protection against influenza virus

A powerful defense against two major risks

Battling poultry parasites

A new pesticide directed at red mites

Parasiticide for inside and out

Kills existing parasites and prevents new infections

Solution for skinworm

A new treatment affecting the lifecycle of Dirofilaria repens

Porcine Respiratory Disease

Introduction to PRD as a common cause of pig mortality
Project Infectious Tracheobronchitis Animation

Infectious Tracheobronchitis

Introducing an intranasal vaccination against kennel cough
Project Cow Mobility Scores Animation

Cow Mobility Scores

Developing a 3D training tool for cattle farms
Project Pathogenic E.coli in Pigs Animation

Pathogenic E.coli in Pigs

How farmers can protect their piglets during the at-risk period
Project Managing Coccidiosis Animation

Managing coccidiosis

A vaccine that ends the power play between poultry farmer and parasite
Case Study Solution in Swine Business Animation

Solution in Swine Business

From 3D mode of action animation video to interactive magazine
Project Unique Cattle Vaccine Animation

Unique Cattle Vaccine

Protection via iron regulated proteins as bacterial antigens
Project Overcoming PWD in piglets Animation

Overcoming PWD in piglets

New vaccine as an alternative to antibiotics
Project Feline LUTD Animation

Feline LUTD

Educating cat owners on the symptoms and causes of FLUTD
Project Importance of Vaccination Animation

Importance of Vaccination

Reminding pet owners about necessary vaccinations
Project Breeding Optimization Animation

Breeding Optimization

Familiarize producers with state-of-the-art fertilization techniques
Project Protecting Cows from Mastitis Animation

Protecting Cows from Mastitis

Introducing a new treatment for an old problem
Project Vaccination in Poultry Animation

Vaccination in poultry

Broad protection against infectious bronchitis
Project Parasitic Co-infection Animation

Parasitic Co-infection

Sketching it out for pet owners and veterinarians
Project Mycoplasma in poultry Animation

Mycoplasma in poultry

Team-up with the natural defenses
Project New business concept Animation

New business concept

How to measure success in the swine business
Project Ileitis in Swine Herds Animation

Ileitis in Swine Herds

Helping producers identify a subclinical disease
Project Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Animation

Bovine Viral Diarrhoea

An eye-opener to the need for intervention
Project Long-acting parasiticide Animation

Long-acting Parasiticide

Winning back customers from OTC brands
Project Broad Spectrum Parasiticide Animation

Broad Spectrum Parasiticide

Spot-on pet treatment
Project Horse Vaccine Animation

Equine Vaccination

Introducing a novel matrix adjuvant with fewer side effects