Interactive training tool for equine health care

Making training on equine vaccination accessible to various learner groups

What did the client need?

Our client was preparing the global launch of its first vaccine against equine viral respiratory disease. They approached us because they were looking for a fast and efficient training solution to enable their staff to confidently discuss the importance of equine vaccination and the benefits of their product with veterinarians. A challenge our client faced was the variety of learner groups which were globally dispersed and had different levels of prior knowledge.

How did we meet this need?

We proposed a self-paced eLearning consisting of several modules covering general knowledge about vaccination and specific information about the company’s vaccine. The integration into the company’s LMS allowed for global distribution and low administrative effort. Overall, learners could gain the required knowledge to perform at their job when and where they wanted.

Usage instructions

Interactive elements, like buttons, are an integral part of our eLearning modules. Each eLearning module comes with usage instructions explaining the interactive elements to the learner.

Learning path and navigation within the module

The menu allows for navigation within the module and provides an overview of the module content. Additionally, references are available for further reading.

Engaging infographics

Infographics combining appealing visuals with text elements are an effective way of presenting comprehensive information in a clear and approachable way. Using interactive elements such as buttons allows the learner to explore the content at their own pace and contributes to an engaging and effective learning experience.

Reflect on learning and assessment

Assessment questions at the end of each eLearning module encourage the learner to think critically about the information presented and to reflect on their learning progress.