Equine Vaccination

Introducing a novel matrix adjuvant with fewer side effects

What did the client need?

With the help of this film, our client wanted to introduce a new vaccine against equine influenza that contains an innovative matrix adjuvant. A shortcoming of conventional vaccines is that the adjuvant they contain creates a bump in the horse’s skin due to its depot effect. The new adjuvant, however, helps to build immunity without creating such bumps – a big advantage that the client wanted to communicate to veterinarians and horse owners. To further strengthen the belief in the product, the film should also illustrate the complex immunological cascade that finally leads to immunity against equine influenza. A long version of the film was to be included in a toolkit for the product launch. Additionally, our client required a short 90-second trailer for congresses and sales meetings to summarize the main points of the new adjuvant technology.

How did we meet this need?

We developed both a long, all-encompassing 3D animation film and a short teaser that summarizes the main facts. The injection of the vaccine is demonstrated with the help of a realistic 3D model of a horse. In a cross section of the skin, the viewer can observe the fast clearance of the new vaccine.  Just as the client requested, we then show a detailed yet comprehensible sequence of how the vaccine is processed by different key players of the immune system, such as dendritic, T, and B cells. Accompanying on-screen text and a consistent color universe ensure that the viewer follows the plot. The film gained great recognition and was used with other promotional material in face-to-face meetings. After completing this project, we also produced an unbranded version with a completely new speaker’s text.

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