Mastitis protection for dry cows

Giving cows a chance to recharge their batteries

What did the client need?

The client’s main purpose was convincing farmers that the dry period is as important to a cow’s health– and therefore milk production and profits–as any other phase in the milk cycle. The client’s product, an antibiotic dry cow tube used as mastitis protection, assists the cow’s natural immunity and is thus a necessary part of managing this dry phase; it was vital to emphasize that it has a long duration of action, is broad spectrum to address many intramammary infections, and effectively ensures that no pathogens move forward into the lactation period. The video needed to be accessible and engaging while delivering a great quantity of practical tips and useful scientific explanations. It would be released in conjunction with other materials delivering information on the same theme.

How did we meet this need?

At almost five minutes long, this ambitious project combines realistic and cartoony styles and 3D and 2D animation to create a bright, appealing video. The universally understood metaphor of the mobile phone with its charging battery was chosen as a linking symbol with which the story starts and ends, convincing animal-care professionals of the importance of a long dry period in which hooves, legs, and ruminal epithelium can regenerate. General data is presented with colorful 2D images and specific scientific details are given with richly rendered animations on the cellular level. The animation smoothly combines informative explanations of biological processes, recommendations for a holistic approach that improves animal welfare, and the specific product’s benefits and mode of action. The color scheme and style meshed well with other promotional materials released in conjunction. The dual accomplishments of the resulting video are increasing the chances that milk cows lead a healthier, happier life and that dairy farmers enjoy greater yield and productivity in turn.

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