Unique nematode treatment

Saving beef revenue from resistant roundworms

What did the client need?

The client needed a video to convince farmers and veterinary professionals of the growing problem of nematode resistance to standard therapy options and introduce an effective new product with a unique mode of action.

How did we meet this need?

The final video, an animation of just under seven minutes, was developed in an elegant, easy-to-understand style. Starting with a general introduction to common parasites, the animation then uses transparent 3D models of cows to delve into its subject matter in more detail. It explains how the cow gets infected and illustrates the nematode’s life cycle; the realistic depiction of parasites in the gut evokes a visceral response in the viewer. More stylized representations of the parasites allow a smooth transition into a clear scientific explanation of how resistant strains grow through natural selection. Animated 2D graphs and diagrams list relevant data points pertaining to this resistance and typical wrong management tactics. The product is then introduced as a solution to the problem: its chemistry is depicted in detailed animations and its unique product benefits are explained. Multiple instances of the company name, product name, and logo throughout the animation reinforce its marketing goal.

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