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to help vets and producers

protect their animals

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results that show the

integrity of your product

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producers about diseases

that can harm their animals

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consumers to make the

right choice for their pets

Working in animal health, you are responsible for supporting vets, producers, and pet owners with reliable information about your products and the diseases they treat. We understand how negotiating the concerns and perspectives of these different audiences can be a serious challenge. This is why we use visual storytelling to inform, captivate, and motivate.


Provide accurate information about your product to build relationships with veterinarians and producers.


Raise awareness about how pet owners can protect their pets while developing trust and confidence with your audience.


Show your product’s mechanism of action and recent study results in a way that provokes thought and increases engagement.

Educate staff and partners

Keep your learners active with concise text and appealing visuals designed to minimize cognitive load and maximize impact.

Our services for animal health businesses

Engaging solutions for learning,
training, and sales

What are the benefits of digital tools for learning and sales?

  • Convey key messages using stunning visuals across a variety of platforms, from smart phones and tablets to laptops
  • Make complex information accessible to the target audience with concise, clearly written text accompanied by videos, illustrations, or interactive 3D models
  • Boost learning outcomes with eLearning courses that meet learners where they are at and get them to where they need to be
Swine Business Devices

2D/3D animation and explainer videos

From professionals to lay people, we have the right tools for the right job:

  • Explainer videos with a fun, accessible style for consumers and producers with limited scientific knowledge
  • Sophisticated, 3D animated mechanism-of-disease and mechanism-of-action videos to give audiences with a scientific background a deep understanding of a disease and how to treat it

Infographics and scientific slide decks

We develop scientific slide decks for presenting information in a way that is both transparent and visually impressive.

  • Succinct text that doesn’t compete for the audience’s attention, but instead supports the speaker for maximum impact
  • Animated, PowerPoint sequences that bring the content to life
  • Dynamic visuals that drive key messages home and tell the audience a story they can remember
Launch Event

Case studies to inspire you!

CAST animal health can help you achieve your goals. We know all about the requirements of animal health companies and our proven approach of visual storytelling will meet your individual needs!