Pathogenic E.coli in Pigs

How farmers can protect their piglets during the at-risk period

What did the client need?

The client wanted a film to introduce an antibiotic for effective pathogenic E.coli control in pigs. The product was already established on the European market, and the client now wanted to introduce it in the US. It is noteworthy that this product is part of an all-encompassing business philosophy that provides the pig farmer with building blocks to increase his profitability. As one of these building blocks, this product protects piglets during a susceptible period after weaning and thereby ensures their health and growth into profitable finisher pigs. On the one hand, the film was supposed to target pig producers and should therefore be concise and entertaining. On the other hand, it still needed to be technical and scientific enough so that interested vets would enjoy watching it too.

How did we meet this need?

The five-minute-long animation film we created takes the audience on a journey through the pig’s intestine. After an introduction of the commensal intestinal flora, potentially damaging E.coli strains are presented. Their attachment to the villi of the duodenum and the resulting loss of liquid as well as the impaired nutrient absorption are impressively animated, leaving a lasting impression on the target audience. Symptoms and susceptibility factors of a pathogenic E.coli infection are summarized as bullet points supported by icons on an animated bulletin board. This bulletin board style intersperses the whole film and helps to break down and process information. The farmer is made aware that pigs are especially prone to develop an infection with E.coli during the at-risk period after weaning. With the client’s antibiotic as a preventive measure, the pathogenic E.coli are rendered harmless while the healthy commensal bacteria stay intact.

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