Unique SRD treatment

A new solution to swine respiratory disease

What did the client need?

To contribute to a running global campaign aimed at veterinarians and farmers, the client needed a dynamic video with a modern feel to introduce a new antibiotic for bacteria associated with respiratory diseases in swine. Because it could also be presented as an iPad learning tool, it was necessary to divide the material into modules so that the animations could later be integrated into an interactive application. The client was able to provide existing brand material and images: the challenge lay in creating a video that would coordinate well with the company’s other marketing materials while still making the unique new solution stand out from older products. The client’s R&D department had also generated some visuals that needed to be integrated. The deadline was simply “ASAP”!

How did we meet this need?

We produced a comprehensive 10-minute-long video broken down into five modules (the video can also be viewed as a logical whole). A blend of realistic visuals using 3D animal models and clear 2D graphs and diagrams keeps the viewer’s attention throughout, starting with an introduction to this exciting new antibiotic and a detailed explanation of its mode of action on a molecular level. Its novel active substance’s mode of action is demonstrated in the second module, accompanied by extremely detailed illustrations of the cell processes to ensure viewers have a firm grasp on the chemistry described. In module 3, the pharmacokinetics are presented. A realistic model of a pig becomes transparent to show the product’s absorption; energetic music, dramatic zooms, and a ticking countdown clock convey a sense of action and speed. The fourth module touches on the efficacy and safety, as well as the economic aspects, and the fifth delivers clear instructions for administration.  Throughout, the presentation of study results and hard factual data is enlivened by animated 2D graphs. The company’s logo and brand are repeatedly referenced and the video concludes with a summary and repetition of key points. The satisfied client plans to follow up with several versions in different languages and dialects for use throughout Europe.

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