Breeding Optimization

Familiarize producers with state-of-the-art fertilization techniques

What did the client need?

After producing several films for our client that were meant to work as a set and thus featured the same style of animation and editing, a different and unique film was required to introduce a new fertilization technique. As this technique impacts the sow’s hormonal cycle, it is necessary for the audience to learn about the underlying hormonal changes in order to understand the new method. Furthermore, the film should show the preparation and performance of the procedure and introduce farrowing efficiency as a more suitable and realistic indicator of fertilization success than the old farrowing rate.

How did we meet this need?

We produced an animation film with a total length of 6.5 minutes based on our client’s branding guidelines. In order to establish a common ground for all viewers, the hormonal cycle of the sow is explained briefly, using a mixture of 2D graphics and 3D animations. The film then introduces the idea behind the new fertilization method with the help of a 2D schematic. The correct administration of the gel carrier, which contains the active substance, is depicted using an anatomically correct 3D model of the sow. Finally, a 2D animation illustrates why farrowing efficiency is a more reliable measurement of fertilization success.

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