Porcine Respiratory Disease

Introduction to PRD as a common cause of pig mortality

What did the client need?

For marketing purposes, the client requested a polished, professional animated video that would inform farmers of the seriousness of PRD as a contributor to animal mortality. The challenge lay in clearly and engagingly presenting the multi-factorial quality of this highly complex disease, with an emphasis on the way the interaction between pathogens magnifies effect and can result in the death of epithelial cells. The audience needed to start with an understanding of PRD’s effect on the pigs’ general anatomical features and the negative consequences of the disease before learning about the advantages and unique mode of action of the product.

How did we meet this need?

We produced an elegant 3D animation video with a total length of about 6-7 minutes. In order to best communicate the various related messages (a warning about PRD’s negative consequences, explanation of the biological mechanisms involved, and promotion of the client’s product), we used styles ranging from detailed, realistic 3D renderings of the animals to stylized graphics representing statistics and scientific details. Camera zooms into a cellular level illustrated exactly how the animal’s system works and how the product’s active substances act upon bacteria and are processed by the body. Complex details were summarized in clear and arresting graphics, and the film concluded by expounding on the advantages of the product as well as its beneficial effect on animal health and subsequent increase in profits for farmers.

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