Ileitis in Swine Herds

Helping producers identify a subclinical disease

What did the client need?

Our client wanted to introduce their new concept for swine producers with a big campaign. The aim was to present all their new and existing products as interdependent factors in a holistic business approach. For this, they required a number of animation films, each featuring one of the products and its mode of action. Although the films had very different topics, they should all have a similar style to make them presentable as a set of educational films for swine producers. One of the main topics was ileitis with a focus on subclinical infections in swine herds.

How did we meet this need?

In the beginning, the audience is introduced to the different forms of ileitis, visually supported with a 2D animation showing swine silhouettes and displaying the three infection types in file folder tabs. Subclinical ileitis is highlighted as the most prevalent form and in a 3D animation it is explained how the infection affects the intestinal epithelium and subsequently the well-being of the infected animal. Finally, the film introduces our client’s product and its active ingredient, explaining the mode of action on a molecular and cellular level. With a total length of just under 5 minutes, the film gives the producers a comprehensive overview of the impact and treatment of ileitis in their herds.

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