Unique Cattle Vaccine

Protection via iron regulated proteins as bacterial antigens

What did the client need?

To support their marketing efforts for a new vaccine technology, our client wanted to produce an animation film to explain the molecular details of their new vaccination approach. With our client’s new technology, the focus was not only on the novel surface antigen used for the vaccine—iron regulated protein (IRP)—but also on the fact that this new antigen can provide cross-protection against different pathogenic strains. The aim was to present this new technology and its benefits to a professional audience of veterinarians.

How did we meet this need?

Running at just under 3 minutes, the film first explains the mechanism of how some pathogens depend on an iron supply to survive. This helps even a professional audience understand how targeting the IRPs on the pathogen surface can help to inhibit the pathogens’ iron uptake and therefore affect their survival. Using 3D models that lie between a complex, realistic look and a simplified, understandable look, we developed scenes that verge on a schematic style to show the molecular processes on the bacterial surface, both in an infected and in an immune state.

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