Importance of Vaccination

Reminding pet owners about necessary vaccinations

What did the client need?

Instead of focusing on a specific active substance, the client asked us to develop a film about the importance of vaccination in general. After watching the video, pet owners should understand that pathogens are easily transmitted and be aware of the need for vaccines, not only to protect their own pets but also the pets of others. Our client knew we had already finished several appealing Fast Sketch animations in the past and requested we use this style to visualize the topic in a lighthearted but at the same time scientifically correct way.

How did we meet this need?

We created the main character early in the development of the storyboard: a cute dachshund. On the one hand, he helps lead the viewer through the whole film. On the other hand, he induces positive associations in the pet owners and makes the video more memorable. Some simple jokes and matching sound effects also help create a catchy story. Unobtrusive use of brand elements round out the video. In general, the film does not feel like promotional material, but rather like an entertaining informational video that gets the message of the importance of vaccination across.

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