Parasiticide for inside and out

Kills existing parasites and prevents new infections

What did the client need?

An established client contacted us for a new project: a modern, scientific, attention-grabbing video to raise awareness of the unique pharmacokinetic property of their endectocide. It was most important to emphasize that pets regularly using this proactive product are protected from both existing and potential worm infections because of a steady state where the drug’s uptake and elimination remains constant. The target audience of veterinary professionals needed to be shown the benefits of this steady state and to learn how the product and its mode of action is superior to other available endectocides. Ultimately, the goal was to promote a mentality in which achievement of a protective steady state contributes to the choice of product. The video also needed to mesh with the client’s existing promotional material and continue an established style of brand promotion, a visual-heavy project that would “wow” customers.

How did we meet this need?

The high-quality 3-to-4-minute video we produced utilizes a dynamic blend of graphic styles, including animated photographic images of people and pets that engage the viewer on a personal level, and informative and clearly animated graphs that build up a solid image of the product’s powerful efficacy and exceptional pharmacokinetics. The lush, visually arresting graphics move between realistic 3D models of animals, internal and external parasites, and depictions of inner workings on a cellular level. The addition of dramatic sound and music and engaging voice-over narration appeal emotionally to the viewer. The video, which seamlessly integrates the client’s brand image and logo, was delivered in multiple versions for original language and eventual global adaptation.

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