Solution for skinworm

A new treatment affecting the lifecycle of Dirofilaria repens

What did the client need?

A satisfied multinational client with whom we had already developed several successful projects requested an animated video with a modern feel to educate veterinarians, their staff, and pet owners about a new treatment for skinworm. Specifically, it was to help them differentiate between the product and its closest competitors on the endectocide market by emphasizing the product’s ability to reach a steady state. The viewers also needed to learn about the prevalence, life cycle, and threats the parasite poses to pets. The client wished the video to be consistent with two previously created videos in the same series as well as the client’s existing promotional material, including logos and brand color.

How did we meet this need?

We delivered a 4-minute animated video (a branded version for professionals and an unbranded version for pet owners) based partially on previously developed materials in order to reference existing projects for the same client. As with other material, the video used a blend of graphic styles, including animated photographic images of people and pets and highly realistic, accessible computer animations that engage the viewer on a personal level and evoke a strong emotional reaction while giving viewers a detailed scientific description of the parasite’s lifecycle.

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