Long-acting Parasiticide

Winning back customers from OTC brands

What did the client need?

Our client needed a dynamic, engaging film to be the cornerstone of a major launch meeting, which was being attended by affiliates from around the world. As the launch meeting was quickly approaching, the timeline for this project was very short. The film was meant to emphasize that this new long-lasting treatment would only be available by prescription, thereby encouraging pet owners to switch from OTC brands to the specialty treatments provided by their trusted vet. The film should also explain the mechanism-of-action of the active substance and summarize the advantages to the animal health care professional and to the final customer. Importantly, although the launch meeting was a key focus, the film should also be suitable for use as a training and sales tool for the affiliates as well as for use by animal health care professionals in the workplace, in this case a vet’s waiting room.

How did we meet this need?

Working closely with the client team, we produced an exciting stereoscopic 3D film for the launch meeting. At the beginning of the launch meeting, 3D glasses were handed out, already sparking curiosity in the crowd. Especially impressive were the 3D stereoscopic models of the parasites, which, once animated, seemed to jump out at the audience and generated a genuine “wow effect” among the crowd at the launch. Due to the technical specifications of the stereoscopic film, it took very little additional effort to produce both a stereoscopic and a non-stereoscopic 3D film simultaneously. This non-stereoscopic 3D animation became part of the online presence required for the launch, and, finally, was divided into different modules for the affiliates and animal health care professionals.

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