Parasitic Co-infection

Sketching it out for pet owners and veterinarians

What did the client need?

To establish a new product in the very crowded pet parasiticide market, our client wanted to encourage vets to rethink their approach to deworming. Based on the latest scientific research, the aim was to introduce a combination treatment against roundworms and coccidia as the appropriate standard of care in puppies. With our client’s product being the only licensed combination treatment, they would serve a unique market niche.

How did we meet this need?

Instead of producing an elaborate 3D animation film, we decided to use a light Fast Sketch approach. This style allowed us to use humorous and playful elements, making the film a memorable experience and simultaneously preventing a too patronizing or instructive tone. Each scene consists of a main image, which is drawn in sync with the speaker’s text, taking the viewer on an enjoyable 3 and a half minute ride.

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