Protecting Cows from Mastitis

Introducing a new treatment for an old problem

What did the client need?

In preparation for the rollout of a major marketing campaign after the product launch, our client’s lead agency contacted us as an expert vendor for 3D mechanism-of-action animations. They wanted us to produce an animation film about the new product, an artificially produced bovine granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (bG-CSF). The aim was to explain the fact that, despite being artificially produced, their active substance is structurally the same as the naturally occurring G-CSF protein in the cow’s body. Thus, the new product offers a gentle and natural way to support the cow’s immune system during the vulnerable time around calving, when a mastitis infection is most likely. In addition, it was important to explain that a modification called PEGylation had been made to the protein during manufacturing, leading to a longer molecule half-life and better treatment outcome.

How did we meet this need?

With a total length of 8.5 minutes, we produced an elaborate animation film covering the basics of bacterial udder infections leading to mastitis. The film also explains the molecular details of the physiological G-CSF molecule and how the recombinant protein with PEGylation differs from its natural counterpart. As the agency was also responsible for the branding of the product, most discussions about the look and style of the film were conducted with the agency directly and the client only had to be involved in certain approval steps. Within the client’s company, the film became so popular that it was shared with several local affiliates and subsequently translated into multiple languages.

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