Vaccination in Poultry

Broad protection against infectious bronchitis

What did the client need?

Our client wanted to create an educational film about the mechanism of viral infection in infectious bronchitis for use in seminars for poultry producers. The film should focus on the fact that a specific vaccine only protects against a specific virus type and that virus strains with other surface proteins can still cause an infection. The message our client wanted to get across was that, depending on the targeted surface antigen, different vaccines can be grouped together into “protectotypes.” Moreover, combining vaccines with different protectotypes can generate an even broader immunization.

How did we meet this need?

We created a comprehensive 3D animation with a total length of 8 minutes. First, the viral infection mechanisms are discussed before moving on to the difference between serotypes and protectotypes and how this might impact the vaccination protocol in a flock. Although complex animated sequences are impressive and help to visualize processes that are normally not visible, some complicated processes benefit from a step-by-step explanation supported by a simple 3D schematic. Therefore, we visualized the more difficult topics, such as the vaccination protocol and the recommended vaccination plan, using this type of easy-to-understand 3D diagram.

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