Managing Coccidiosis

A vaccine that ends the power play between poultry farmer and parasite

What did the client need?

The client wanted to launch a new veterinarian product against Eimeria – a parasite that is a major source of financial losses in commercial poultry production. The video should inform farmers about the life cycle of the parasite, but more importantly, it should emphasize the shortcomings of the existing management programs. During their numerous PowerPoint presentations and farm visits, our client could not get the message across that long-term ionophore programs cannot solve the problem sustainably and flock performance will still suffer. An illustrative, readily understandable film should address this issue and offer a solution.

How did we meet this need?

We developed a modular animation film that could be used for both educational and marketing purposes. The first section reveals the life cycle of Eimeria by following the parasite on its journey through the intestine. The severe effects on the intestinal villi are presented with realistic 3D-animated views of the intestine. To make the farmer aware of the carryover effect in the barn, we animate the growth cycle of broiler chickens while monitoring the shedding of the parasite. After observing several generations of broilers, it becomes clear that the parasitic burden increases with each generation and cannot be halted by ionophores due to resistance. Schematic graphics then make the farmer understand that only vaccination will control coccidiosis and ensure stable feed conversion and satisfying weight gain in the flock. In the end, the message that could not be communicated through PowerPoint presentations was more easily understood with help of a logically structured animation. Realistic animated chickens and the depiction of convincing field data achieved two primary goals: to entertain and convince the target audience.

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