How a clear goal makes a better slide deck

Today we are going to discuss why not having a clear goal is a reason a slide deck might fail. But why do our slide decks need a goal in the first place? Think about it!

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How to transform a boring slide deck into an exciting scientific visual story

It’s true. PowerPoint presentations have a bad reputation in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. All too often, they’re boring and stuffed full of information that nobody can remember, or else so badly designed that they leave audiences bewildered. And yet every day countless new bad slides are created for yet more yawn-inducing presentations. Read more

How poorly designed slide decks can have devastating consequences in the pharma industry

If you work in pharma, you’ve probably seen cluttered, text-heavy PowerPoint presentations. The kind of decks that make you squint to read the miniscule axis labels and make you strain to follow the logically incoherent structure, only to give up after the third slide.

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