Thomas Frei

Thomas Frei is one of the founders and Executive Creative Director of CAST PHARMA. His expertise in Visual Storytelling is based on 20 years of professional experience with over 300 mode of action (MoA) projects. After completing his studies in informatics, he gained extensive practical experience in film editing, illustrating, 3D computer animation, knowledge transfer, storytelling, storyboard drawing, and medical writing. He possesses a wide range of biological and pharmacological knowledge and knows how to communicate this knowledge clearly and concisely. Today he uses his experience to support and guide a team of scientists, artists, and technicians, ensuring every CAST PHARMA production reaches the high standards he expects. For Thomas, this means always focusing on the message that should stick with the audience, and, above all, never losing sight of the audience’s perspective and needs. This is the only way to make complicated concepts easy to understand.

Stefan Wolf

Stefan Wolf is also a founder of CAST PHARMA and currently serves as CEO. He is driven by his vision of building an international, ever-expanding, and continuously innovating company. His ingenuity in marketing and his instinct for strategy and business development are the perfect complement to Thomas. Stefan advises pharma, biotech, and animal health companies, as well as their partner agencies, about how they can use 3D mode-of-action animations and interactive applications to present their scientific results to their target groups in a way that is informative, but easy to understand, scientifically correct, but visually appealing, and high quality, but cost efficient. With these tools, companies can persuade key decision makers and opinion leaders more effectively. Stefan is convinced: “Even the most complicated pharmaceutical processes can be explained and communicated in a simple manner.”

Dana Melanie Schramm

Dana Melanie Schramm, Head of International Marketing and Communications, completed her master’s degree in communication management at the University of Leipzig. She gained marketing experience at CNBC in Paris and worked on numerous research projects, for example for BASF. Dana Melanie Schramm led corporate communications at the startup crowdfunding platform Seedmatch. She uses her expertise in strategic and targeted communications to create campaigns that customers remember. Her belief: “Our biggest challenge is filling the concept of ‘The Power of Visual Storytelling’ with new life and fresh content again and again. To do this, we challenge ourselves every day to stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments and changes in the pharmaceutical industry so that we can offer our clients innovative solutions.”