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to help vets and producers

protect their animals

Slider Swine Veterinarians


results that show the

integrity of your product

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producers about diseases

that can harm their animals

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consumers to make the

right choice for their pets

As an animal health business, you operate in a challenging market. Your disparate target groups, such as veterinarians, producers and pet owners, demand tailor-made information about product benefits. Scientific facts and product details- have to be communicated effectively within the industry and beyond.

Appeal to veterinarians and producers

Provide accurate information about your product and its mechanism of action to veterinarians and producers

Convince pet owners

Tell pet owners about the benefits of your product and strengthen customer loyalty

Grab attention at congresses

Showcase your latest products to Animal Health professionals, prepare your market and get ready for the product launch

Educate staff and partners

Use audiovisual media to improve employees’ and business partners’ knowledge of products and strategies

Our services for animal health

A clear and simplified – yet scientifically sound – depiction of the mechanism of action

Fast Sketch or 3D animation

Want to convince either a professional or a lay audience? We can supply you with the right tool for the job

  • Stand out from the crowd with a detailed medical illustration or scientific poster
  • Use attractive Fast Sketch animations to provide information to pet owners and producers
  • Convince veterinarians with high-quality 3D animations
Swine Business Devices

Engaging interactive tools

Planning interactive tools for sales and educational purposes?

  • Employ impressive 3D models, films, and interactive elements to create something invaluable
  • Use the whole range of interactive options for congress booths as well as for tablet and smartphone applications

Create the perfect launch

After years of research, you are finally planning your launch event: eam up with CAST Animal Health to make it memorable

  • Create a coherent, exciting graphical universe for all your materials
  • Develop an entire launch package
  • Turn your launch into an unforgettable event
Launch Event

Case studies to inspire you!

CAST animal health can help you achieve your goals. We know all about the requirements of animal health companies and our proven approach of visual storytelling will meet your individual needs!