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We make complex medical science accessible!

Our customers are medical and marketing teams responsible for scientific communication about innovative pharmaceutical and biotech products. Their challenge: the science behind their products is not sufficiently understood. With our unique visual storytelling approach, we help them explain complex scientific topics to internal as well as external audiences.

Our visual stories can be delivered as

Working in animal health, you are responsible for supporting vets, producers, and pet owners with reliable information about your products and the diseases they treat. We understand how negotiating the concerns and perspectives of these different audiences can be a serious challenge. This is why we use visual storytelling to inform, captivate, and motivate.

What really matters for our clients

Over many years across hundreds of successfully delivered visual storytelling projects, we know what matters to our clients. Our team adds value with:

A high level of scientific understanding

Medical and scientific expertise is one of the cornerstones of our work. This is guaranteed by our in-house scientific team. Over 60% of our medical content  developers have PhD degrees.

A proven

Through years of experience, we have established a proven workflow for the development of visual storytelling solutions. This ensures optimal use of resources, time, and budget to maintain the highest quality standards.


Our scientific team works with professional referencing software and follows the highest standards of correct scientific work.

Extensive experience with approval processes

Our scientific team is familiar with industry standard approval systems such as PromoMats and can work within the client’s approval infrastructure.

Editable and easily adaptable deliverables

At the end of each project, our customers receive editable files to ensure easy localization of the materials.

Illustrations, infographics,
and graphical abstracts

In this age of information overload, scientific findings in the animal health industry need to be made accessible quickly and presented in a way that is easy to understand. Using images and graphics to improve clarity is well established in medical science and has proven its value. Information presented visually is understood more quickly and is more memorable than text alone. Illustrations, infographics, and visual summaries of scientific publications will help you tell your story.

Engaging slide decks

Slide decks are used in many ways in the animal health industry: for product compendiums, for presentations, for learning and training.

At CAST Animal Health, we have the scientific background to understand the content and have the didactic and creative expertise to develop slides with the greatest possible benefit for the target group. Our slides grab your audience’s attention and effectively relay your core messages. We transform the impact of scientific slide decks, keeping your audience engaged and motivated.

We are not reinventing the use of slide decks, but with our visual storytelling approach, we make existing decks visually exciting, easier to understand, and more accessible for different scenarios.

Medical animation and explainer videos

Medical animation and explainer videos involve animated sequences that focus on explaining scientific concepts in a simple, engaging, and compelling way, by using clear and concise language and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention.

To explain the mechanism of action of a drug or the mode of administration, we produce medical animation and explainer videos with the right visual and didactic approach for the message and the audience. Finding the best approach takes creative experience, scientific expertise, and a solid workflow.

eLearning & engaging activities

High-quality training is absolutely vital in the animal health industry. Because so much depends on your employees’ ability to understand and communicate complex scientific material, it is critical that they have access to training that is clear, consistent, and comprehensive.

To facilitate the learning process, we at CAST Animal Health develop custom training tools based on our proven training matrix. By using different approaches according to each user’s learning stage and goals, our training tools build upon your employees’ existing skills and knowledge and prepare them to provide expert information to both internal and external stakeholders.

eLearning monitors

Case studies to inspire you!

CAST animal health can help you achieve your goals. We know all about the requirements of animal health companies and our proven approach of visual storytelling will meet your individual needs!